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Bespoke Media Walls

Elite Media Walls specialises in designing and installation of bespoke media walls in Dubai and surrounding areas in UAE.

With an extensive range of colours, textures, and finishes, combined with the greenest raw materials available on the market, we can help you realise your lifelong interior dreams.

We can even add a personal touch with different media wall colours available to suit the interior of your space.

What we do

Media & TV Walls Specialists in Dubai


Begin with a consultation to align on your vision and space needs for your media walls. Together, we'll conceptualize a unique media wall that perfectly suits your environment.


Our design team collaborates with you to transform your tv walls vision into reality, selecting high-quality materials and incorporating unique elements for a truly customized media wall.


When it comes to creating our tv / media walls, we pour our heart and soul into every step. Our skilled craftsmen carefully select and assemble the finest materials, bringing your design to life. Let us make your vision a reality!


Our expert team handles the media wall installation with precision and care. From measuring to positioning, we ensure a flawless fit and visually striking result. Sit back and enjoy the stunning transformation!
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